Battleheart review (iPad)

February 2, 2011

In a world first for Arcadelife, the iPad review has been provided by guest reviewer Ben and I’ve done the iPod/iPhone review. Not because there’s any great difference between the two versions, but because it’s a fantastic game and it deserves a bit more than the usual 10 word Arcadelife review.  

iPad review – by special guest reviewer

10 word description: cute MMO without the massive, the multiplayer, or the online

10 word review: gorgeous looking, fast paced, highly customisable, often frantic, never frustrating

Battleheart 1

iPad screenshot - actual game graphics, not a cutscene.

It’s like: taking control of an entire world of warcraft party on your own, without the juveniles, Chinese gold sellers, tedious exploration or extortionate subscription fees.

It’s better than: anything I’ve seen of its kind.

It’s not: just for ipad or just for iphone. It’s universal.


Battleheart iPad 2

You gotta fight for your right ... to phat loot

Average game time: Each level will only take a few minutes. And that’s plenty – keeping all your characters alive for that long can be a real challenge. There’s also the arena levels which are essentially an endless version of the same thing, ending in inevitable death. The longer you last, the greater the reward.

Tank - check, healer - check, DPS rogue - check, OP mage - check

Arcadelife’s guest reviewer verdict: Best Game Ever. It takes the fundamental elements of MMO and RPG combat, combines it with cute comic style characters in an interesting mix of classes, and comes up with something that, despite being wholly derivative, feels refreshingly new and different. It’s too early to say how much longevity or how many levels the game provides, but I’m having a blast finding out. Just get it.

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/battleheart/id394057299?mt=8


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  1. Best game ever!

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