Toki Tori HD review (iPad)

February 8, 2011

10 word description: Platform puzzler featuring flightless yellow bird. iPad port latest of many. (Ok, that’s 11, I know)

10 word review: Retro (it’s an old game) but looks great on ipad

It’s like: Toki Tori on any previous platform. That’s not a bad thing.

It’s better than: Chuckie Egg. That is actually high praise. I loved Chuckie Egg.

See, I did complete world 1 before writing this review!

 It’s not: Any different from previous versions on other platforms.

Average game time: Some later levels can take hours to solve.

Arcadelife verdict: A must-buy if you’ve never bought it before, and a pretty good buy even if you have. Admittedly there’s no replay value as levels have no star rating or similar way of judging how well you completed them, you just get your green tick and move on. As far as puzzles, graphics, controls and presentation go – this is really top class stuff.

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/toki-tori-hd/id407947726?mt=8

Lite: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/toki-tori-hd-lite/id409316889?mt=8



  1. Only just realised you can click through to full size ipad screenshots. Awesome 🙂

    • Oh yeah! I didn’t even realise that, well done spotting it!

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