Coverfire review (iPad)

February 9, 2011

10 word description: Retro shooter, Crossfire inspired. Described officially as Robotron meets Bomberman.

10 word review: Hard, fast, strategic, pure. Intense. Fantastic retro experience. Not casual! 

Get used to seeing this

It’s like: The polar opposite of casual gaming.

It’s better than: Being jostled by farmers in the local pub while trying to get the high score on Lunar Rescue. Ah, but of course, you’re all too young to understand what that was like…


It’s not: Graphically extravagant. I have to mention this, because so many people have commented negatively about the graphics. As if graphics have got anything to do with how bloody good this game is. They haven’t, you know.

Average game time: Initially, maybe several seconds. You can tell from looking on Game Center who stuck with it and who gave up after one go.


Arcadelife verdict: A great game. I’ve had it since day one and I’m currently top of the Game Center leaderboard. That will change, hopefully as a result of me bragging about it on this blog.

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/coverfire-hd/id412358465?mt=8

Developer website: http://www.infinitesands.com


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