King of Dots HD review (iPad)

February 11, 2011

10 word description: iPad version of pen & paper game called Dots or Paddocks.

10 word review: One of many similar apps, very poor computer opponent. No online.

Computer opponent throws the first game early on ...

... and never really tries after that

It’s like: Joining some dots on your iPad … with help from your opponent.

It’s better than: Never winning, I suppose.

Even on the largest possible grid ... you are going to win easily


It’s not: A very good single player experience.

Average game time: Depends entirely on the grid size that you choose. Computer opponent acts instantly, with no apparent thought or strategy. Surprise, surprise.

Winning should never be this unsatisying. Unfortunately, it is.


Arcadelife verdict: Pointless. The smart presentation and clear visuals are completely let down by a  hopelessly inadequate computer opponent. The fact that there are many other iPhone, iPad and universal versions of the same game on the app store (some for free) with variable difficulty, online play and leaderboards make this very hard to recommend.

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/king-of-dots-hd/id418106975?mt=8


  1. I tried it, and I lost… not because the AI outsmarted me, but because I couldn’t get on with the controls. Lines were popping up in the wrong places too often.

    • Yeah, there’s that great feature too. You need to click the line you want to add, don’t try drawing the line because it doesn’t work that way. Alternatively, uninstall it and play something else. Anything else.

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