Sacred Odyssey HD review (iPad)

February 12, 2011

Shame the animated menu isn't a mini endless running game

10 word description: Action RPG, 3rd person, save the kingdom, epic adventure, etc.

10 word review: Ok graphics, cliche story, misplaced humour, unpolished controls, fun game.

Early quests are not particularly exciting

Modern language, pop culture references and daft humour don't fit the game world

It’s like: They tried really, really hard … and then decided to give the script writing to a couple of 13 year olds.

It’s better than: Caring whether elves will ever settle their differences with dwarves.

Sacred Odyssey 4

Ayden's Rohypnol party was a complete success.

Sacred Odyssey 5

Fog? No, mate, I'm standing on an invisible treasure chest.

It’s not: Free.

Average game time: I’ll let you know when I finish it.

Ah, the old "Try to disguise a tedious collection quest with an Elmer Fudd impression" trick. Yeah, that always works.

Oh look, it's a helpful fairy from Dungeon Hunter!

 Arcadelife verdict: Don’t be too shocked – I like this game. I know it’s an easy target for mockery (and I haven’t finished yet) but if you can tolerate the fairly unpolished graphics, pop-up scenery, extreme fogging (in places), cliche plot, unimaginative side-quests, imperfect controls and annoyingly wacky script ……. there’s actually a good, solid, entertaining game in there. Also of note, it hasn’t crashed on me yet and I’ve played it for quite a while.

WoW, you look really familiar...

5 things I learned from Sacred Odyssey:

1) Despite the impending demonic apocalypse, there’s no crime at all. The land is littered with treasure chests and vases that nobody has bothered looting.

2) If you smash some vases, don’t worry. Just go back a few minutes later and they will be magically reconstructed and refilled with floaty blue stuff.

3) Nobody needs gold. Floaty blue stuff is the currency of choice everywhere. The same floaty blue stuff you can find in chests and vases all over the place.

4) No matter how foggy it looks in the distance, it’s always a clear, bright day when you get there.

5) Evil boss beetles always fill their lairs with the type of bombs that can incapacitate them.

Ayden sulks as he realises Lara would have solved that puzzle very quickly.

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/sacred-odyssey-rise-ayden/id414648265?mt=8


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  1. Best review yet 🙂

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