Naming stuff in games is fun (opinion)

February 13, 2011

If there is one thing that can improve an already great game, it is the ability to name or rename characters, objects or other facets of that game. This kind of personalisation won’t necessarily save a bad game, but it probably wouldn’t do it any harm. I’ve had plenty of fun over the years giving my online characters stupid names, but it isn’t just multiplayer games where this can be fun.

In Game Dev Story, a wonderfully addictive game, a great deal of additional entertainment comes from being able to name your company, all your releases and your own consoles.

In the world of the virtual game developer, there is no 'puerile'.

If you haven’t already tried it, and you really should, here are the links for the full game and the lite version:



In the largely overlooked (as far as I can tell) turn-based wrestling sim, “TNA Wrestling” from 2009, you could have quite a lot of fun giving your wrestler a stupid name as it appeared frequently in cut-scene conversations and also in ringside crowd-chants.

Rather tragically, TNA Wrestling no longer appears to be available on the app store.

So there you have it; a brief and rather embarrassing look into what people (well, me) do to entertain themselves in video games where you can rename stuff. Let’s all look forward to the next special opinion feature that I post and hope with all our hearts that it is a lot less pathetic than this one.

A final word or two from Game Dev Story …


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