Hunters – It’s in review! (iPod/iPhone/iPad)

February 15, 2011


Arcadelife is excited about this one! Hunters is in review with Apple and we’ve got all the information and pictures that you need (admittedly lifted wholesale from Rodeo Games website, but I’m sure they won’t mind a little bit of extra publicity).

Set in a Universe where contracts rule, Hunters allows you to build a team of Mercenaries and become the most renowned Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy.

Navigate your Hunters through richly detailed environments. Take down AI controlled enemies and complete your Contract Objectives.

 “Rodeo Games is a team of four games industry professionals who gave up their jobs developing triple A games to bring something new to the iPhone.

Customise your team of Hunters with weapons and armour, before dropping into the turn based strategy game.

We’re going to be working hard on Hunters for the next year and beyond to improve it and bring you more levels, upgrades, weapon types and multiplayer game modes.”

Buy bigger, more powerful weapons. Stronger armor. Better equipment. New stock is available every hour.


Here’s the official teaser trailer:

Rodeo Games website for Hunters:



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