War City review (iPod/iPhone)

February 17, 2011

10 word description: Side scrolling shooter, war theme, 8 levels with large bosses. 

10 word review: Decent Green-Beret/Metal-Slug marred by controls and bugs.

Platforms & shooting. It's a platform shooter! This is why I love my work.

It’s like: Green Beret in places, Metal Slug in others (the end of level bosses particularly) but with often unreliable controls and platform collision detection by Mr Magoo.

It’s better than: Coming home in a  body-bag.


It’s not: Beyond help. Bug fixes and some control tweaks would make it a great deal more fun.

Average game time: You can complete a level in a few minutes.

Here's a nice quiet spot, I think I'll have a barbecue.

Arcadelife verdict: The Green Beret / Metal Slug genre of scrolling platform shooter isn’t particularly heavily represented on the app store. This game will do ok if the controls and platform detection bugs are sorted out. At one point (see next picture) I jumped into a roof/platform, got stuck and had to quit back to the menu. On starting the level again, I was standing on the ground properly but still couldn’t move. I had to completely shut down the game and restart it. I found that jumping only works about 25% of the time and you tend to miss the destination platform more than 50% of the time when it looks like you landed on it.

There I am, stuck in that roof...

The unreliable jump button is not much help in the end-of-level boss battles where they fire at different heights.

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/war-city/id414028997?mt=8

Lite: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/war-city-lite/id414175896?mt=8


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