Cave Runner 3D gets a much needed update

February 19, 2011

The original version of Cave Runner 3D got a fairly bad review here, mainly because it was fundamentally flawed. All the issues we had have been fixed in a recent, much needed update. The official list of fixes is:

  • iPhone 4 speed issue fixed
  • No ‘Bowling Ball’ movement. (Yeah, that was me coining that phrase)
  • Faster Running
  • Bigger Gems
  • Better Torchlight

This is now a good game and worth any endless-running fan’s time and money to play. Whether it can recover enough from a very shaky start to make any kind of dent in the app store’s best sellers list, we’ll have to just wait and see, but Arcadelife wishes it well and was glad to help point out the issues!

Here’s the iTunes link, go get it.


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