Tiny Wings review (iPod/iPhone)

February 21, 2011

“I wish I could fly, right up to the sky, but I can’t.”

  • 10 word description: You’ve always dreamed of flying – but your wings are tiny.
  • 10 word review: Stunning debut. Looks fabulous, plays even better. Total addiction. Genius.

Behind these sublime graphics, your new favourite game is waiting to take over your life.

  • You will like this if you enjoy: Video games. I spent ages thinking what to put in this category, as hard as that is to believe! 

Valiantly chasing the sunset

  • The good news: I can’t think of a single negative comment about this game. 
  • The bad news: It’s really rather sad that a game like this has to share the app store with the usual ill-conceived dreck that I play once and delete. 

If they want to spell beautyfull that way, I'm happy to let them do it.

Arcadelife verdict: I deliberately never mention the cost of i-device games for two reasons: One, they are all so inexpensive there’s really no point talking about whether a particular game is “worth 59p” or whatever; Two – the prices generally drop or the games go free within a few weeks anyway. However, if the whole world of entertainment was priced in line with the amount of imagination, polish and sheer fun contained in this 59p game, we could probably all go to the cinema every day for a month on about £3.50. It’s just a great game. It’s not an endless runner, it’s not one of those “how far can you catapult an obese cat” games, there are no zombies, no guns, no traps, no spikes, no blood, death or cars exploding. The control method is about as perfect as it could be for a touch screen. The challenge-based system of permanently increasing the score multiplier is truly inspired and just in case you need another reason to get it, it looks great at 2x on an iPad. Last time I checked, it had 10 out of 10 five-star ratings on the UK app store. Well done, Andreas, it’s bloody brilliant. 

Look down there... it's a handy blue speed-up coin!

The menus are nice too. Check out my cool nest!

The local high-score table (not in this picture) stores the top 32 scores.

Now go and BUY this game here: (iTunes link): Tiny Wings


Arcadelife played this game on iPad and  3rd gen iPod Touch (both OS 4.2.1)

One comment

  1. couldn’t agree more. It rules 🙂 I’m on a 24x multiplier now!

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