Lost Mummy review (iPod/iPhone/iPad)

February 27, 2011

“I’ve lost my mummy, a-ha-ha-haaaa,
I’ve lost my mummy.”

All you need to know - now save that mummy!

10 word description: Physics/platform puzzler, lost mummy, blocks, elevators, explosions. 48 levels.
10 word review: A real hidden gem. Excellent use of physics. Frequently funny. 

Bomb goes on the elevator...mummy goes on the elevator..."Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies..."

You will like this if you enjoy: Challenging physics-based platform puzzlers. And seeing a well animated ragdoll mummy getting blown half way across the screen into a wall by an explosion.

*BOOM* Shake, shake, shake the tomb!

The good news: It’s unique and entertaining. Manouvering the exploding balls in an attempt to dislodge piles of crates is fraught with danger and the endless potential for sending the poor mummy hurtling across the screen to his amusing ragdoll demise. You often feel sorry for him, he only wants to get back to his sarcophagus for a sleep after all.  

Probably not the best way to deal with this situation.

The bad news: The background graphics could legitimately be accused of being a bit brown. Like its Aniware stablemate, Brutal Labyrinth, this game could prove to be too hard for some players to really enjoy. 

A star rating system = replayability. Fact.

Arcadelife verdict: I am really glad I was asked to review this or I would probably have never seen it and therefore lost out on playing a very entertaining game. The mummy is well animated, puzzles are imaginative and often treacherous, physics is convincing and well integrated into the puzzles. The basic game mechanic of rolling the explosives, jumping on them to trigger them and then running like hell to escape the blast leads to some very challenging level designs and often amusing outcomes when it all goes wrong. Note that the latest update includes better support for retina and iPad display. Lost Mummy is a universal app.  

I'm brilliant, I know. Lost Mummy is pretty good too.

iTunes link for Lost Mummy
iTunes link for lite version

Aniware website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on 3rd and 4th gen iPods and iPad, all running OS 4.2.1.

One comment

  1. Rolf Harris ftw! 🙂
    I’d never heard of this game before. I just watched the videos on the Aniware site and the animation looks really impressive.

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