Volcano Escape – review updated for 4th gen devices

February 28, 2011

In the original review of Volcano Escape I had problems with the performance and controls. I have subsequently played it on a 4th gen iPod Touch and the performance is much better; the game is smooth and fully playable without any annoying lag or stuttering, at least as far as I noticed. I’ve updated that review and I thought it was worth posting a news item to highlight the performance differences on 3rd and 4th gen devices.

Apologies, kind of, to Bravo Game Studios because the game works fine on a 4th gen device. I’d still like the controls repositioned, or be given the option to move them myself, and the performance on 3rd gen devices either needs to be addressed or a warning added to the app store description that Volcano Escape doesn’t run particularly smoothly on older devices.

Check out these screenshots on the Retina display to see how much better the game looks. (Click any image to view it at full resolution).

I like the little graphical details such as the cobwebs on the skull.

Maybe I am, but I can't blame the frame-rate for it on a 4th gen iPod!

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