Speedball 2 Evolution review (Universal)

March 1, 2011

“The game was created to demonstrate the futility of individual effort.”

iPad screenshot - click any image to view full size

10 word description: Classic futuristic sports game; single/multiplayer; redesigned for iOS devices. 
10 word review: Still a great game, hard-hitting, violent, retro looking, Fun!

Retina screenshot

You will like this if you enjoy(ed): Speedball/Speedball 2, Rollerball (movie), violent sport games.

Use your winnings to pay for individual player upgrades in the gym, RPG style.

The good news: They haven’t tried to radically alter the original game. The additions are cosmetic improvements, multiplayer features, GC achievements and essential changes for touch-screen play.

Injure an opponent often enough and he will be knocked out of the game.

The bad news: Virtual joystick is huge (particularly on the iPad screen) and occasionally obscures play. There’s no multitasking or the ability to save during a match.

You can move the vrtual joystick around but you can't hide it.

Arcadelife verdict: Speedball 2 Evolution is a good example of an old game that hasn’t really aged, or at least hasn’t aged badly. Anyone who liked the orignal will enjoy this game once they get comfortable with the controls. Tilting isn’t a completely throwaway option, but it seems to be more appropriate on the iPod than iPad. The virtual joystick works well but the on-screen representation of it is way too big. It needs to have a user-defined transparency, and/or a visible/invisible toggle. Those who never played the original Speedball games, for whatever reason, might also find that this game is as good as the old folk keep telling them it is. A lite version featuring just the Quick Match option and a couple of teams would be a good idea to help tempt newcomers into parting with their cash. Overall, a great game with a ton of features, all the fun of the original and just as tough at times. If only all retro remakes were as good as this… 

All good games have a "Gordon".

The lure of having a full team of guys like MIKE is one of the reasons there is an IAP option to get game cash. Don't do it, you know it's cheating.

Even a renaming obsessive like me won't change the default team name. Brutal Deluxe all the way, man.

iTunes link for Speedball 2 Evolution

Vivid Games website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on a 4th gen iPod Toucn and an iPad, both running OS 4.2.1.

One comment

  1. I’m really tempted by this. I loved Speedball on the Amiga. I think I’m going to hang on in the hope of a lite version though – too many good new games to play at the moment!

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