Puckerz! review (iPod/iPhone)

March 4, 2011

“Well you tried it just for once, found it all right for kicks”

10 word description: Puck launching high-score game. Many levels, bonuses, graphical effects.
10 word review: Incredibly smooth Peggle/pinball/block-breaking hybrid. Short-term fun.

Static screen-shots just don't do it any justice.

You will like this if you enjoy: Peggle, Richochet Infinity, Pinball.

The power-up effects are really ... cool.

The good news: Puckerz! is a great example of extreme casual gaming, delivered with an overload of blistering frame-rate, instantly accessible controls and game-play, fabulous visual effects and the much sought after ‘one-more-go’ quality.   

The bad news: Despite all that, it’s pretty shallow. 

The level designs are imaginative but you can't see the layout when you're playing because the screen only shows a small portion of the level at any time.

Arcadelife verdict: There’s no denying the quality of the performance and visuals, and it was very entertaining until I hit the same wall I hit with Peggle; there are only so many glowing bumper pads you can bounce a puck off before it’s a case of “ok, so what?”. However, it’s still a game to keep around for when you just want a very quick slice of flashy, fast-paced, shallow fun. 

Ha pucking ha.

iTunes link for Puckerz!

Puckerz! website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on a 3rd gen iPod, running OS 4.2.1.

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