Bubble Blaster review (iPod/iPhone)

March 5, 2011

“You are creating all the bubbles at night,
I’m chasing round trying to pop them all the time”

10 word description: 20 seconds, pop bubbles of specific colour. Accuracy adds time. 
10 word review: Extremely simple high score game. Score multiplier adds some challenge. 

Easy red in front of the blue

You will like this if you enjoy: Casual, screen-tapping / bubble-popping games.

The score multiplier increases. Big money! Big prizes! I love it! For 20 seconds anyway.

The good news: It’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds. The score multiplier, based on your ability to consistently hit the correct colour bubbles, is a clever device that makes the game quite addictive.

The bad news: The app store is crowded with games like this. Graphics and gameplay are very basic.

Yeah, I gave those bubbles a right kicking.

Arcadelife verdict: I’m not a huge fan of this kind of ultra-simple screen-tapping game, I have to admit. However, this one did make me go back quite a few times to try to beat my own high score because the score multiplier mechanism is pitched at the right level to make you believe that you can continually improve. Each game is only going to last about 20 seconds, often less, and it really won’t take you any longer than one game to decide whether this is the type of game that you enjoy or not.     

iTunes link for Bubble Blaster

Bubble Blaster website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on a 3rd gen iPod Touch, running OS 4.2.1.

One comment

  1. I like this kind of game it is fun like you said. Short spurts of time when you need a nice distraction!

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