Coverfire (iPad) gets an update

March 15, 2011

One of my favourite iPad shooters has been updated, the latest version appearing on the app store earlier today. Coverfire is a retro top-down shooter, described officially as “a classic, arcade-style action game in the vein of Targ and Crossfire”.

The game screen now permanently displays the highest score and "Today's best".

What’s New in Version 1.1
– Removed OpenFeint. Game Center all the way, baby!
– Play your own iPod music
– Four new achievements
– High score is now displayed while you play
– Fixed overlapping music when multitasking
– Eliminated the weird lights at the top of the title screen
– Rotating your iPad is now smoother and less clunky
– Changed the “What just happened?” achievement to work based on a single death
– Improved the AI to correct issues with long-running games
– Tweaked the difficulty to compensate for the AI changes

The game is also on a temporary 99c / 59p sale to mark the release of iPad 2. Get it while it’s on sale if you don’t already own it!

Although it always goes against my incredibly humble and modest nature, I’VE STILL GOT THE HIGHEST SCORE IN THE WORLD ON GAME CENTER!


One comment

  1. Great game, must grab this update

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