Death Assault review (iPod/iPhone)

March 17, 2011

“As I scream, aim and fire, the death toll grows higher”

"Please digging slowly, the real fun is in the game!"

Note – all image captions are taken directly from the game’s app store description.

10 word description: Side-scrolling shooter; different weapons, 3 playable ground & air vehicles

Unique enemy vehicle drive system, will bring you many flexible and diverse ways.

10 word review: Very much the rather challenged offspring of Metal Slug and Gunforce

You have to do not only use all kinds weapons to destroy the enemy

You will like this if you enjoy: Metal Slug (with some reservations about making the comparison)

The good news: Characters and vehicles look good, decent framerate, some nice effects.

Vehicles available for driving of the enemy.

The bad news: Controls could be better; your d-pad thumb tends to obscure a lot of the action. You often lose large amounts of health for no obvious reason and in general it feels a bit too frantic and confusing.

The enemies are weak in the early when you adapt to the rhythm of the game

Arcadelife verdict: I think the main problem with Death Assault is that a fast-paced Metal Slug style game, with enemies constantly attacking from left, right and above, needs almost-perfect controls and very clear visual feedback as a bare minimum in order to succeed on a touch-screen device. There are more things that I could ask for in order to enhance this game, but the core gameplay mechanics need to be looked at first. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the game engine, graphics or effects and the vehicles work well, particularly the flying vehicle which is suitably hard to acquire and fun when you eventually manage to get hold of one. A fair attempt has been made at positioning the controls but the fixed d-pad starts to annoy almost immediately, as enemies approaching from the left are mostly obscured. Once again, as in other Arcadelife reviews, I’d recommend adding a relative touch option so that maybe the whole screen (apart from the weapon buttons) could be used to direct your soldier or vehicle. Maybe employ a double-tap to auto-move in the direction it is facing and directional swipes to change direction. Anything, really, would be an improvement over that big, fixed-position d-pad.

Other issues include the floating ‘?’ icons that you can’t seem to shoot if you’re too close, the deliberately delayed vehicle entry and exit that frequently makes you think you haven’t pressed the button properly and the erratic way that you lose health – possibly related to not being able to see about a third of the action at any one time because your d-pad thumb is in the way.

To provide a variety of weapons and vehicles available for driving the enemy.

Do a few things: Add a relative touch control option; improve the vehicle entry/exit process; make it more obvious when the player is taking damage … and the game will be much better for it. The game is worth improving, please don’t leave it the way it is! As usual, if it gets an update I’ll post a news item about it. 

The version of Death Assault that Arcadelife reviewed is 1.0.1

SGnny website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
iPod Touch 4th gen (OS 4.3)

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