Slice HD review (iPad)

March 28, 2011

“And you can’t help my life, but you can hide the knives”

10 word description: Multi-touch, move/avoid blades, push button. Twister meets Saw.

"Hello .... I want to play a game..."

10 word review: Unique, very stylish. Clinically clean blades are genuinely intimidating. Intense!

Slide blade ... push button ... ah, this is going to be easy!

You will like this if you enjoy: Playing with knives; “Saw” traps; clever puzzles; razor sharp graphics.

Now that's just ... not fair.

The good news: This could be the perfect multi-touch game. Graphics, concept, gameplay and touch controls are all very, very good.

"Yes, there will be blood."

The bad news: The absence of menu, level select, restart-confirm, and any kind of in-game performance rating (there is an online leaderboard for completing the whole game), plus a relatively small number of levels, mean that there is quite a lot of room for enhancement. Note that the current Arcadelife rating for this game reflects all of that.

"Did you cut yourself because you truly wanted to die or did you just want some attention?"

Arcadelife verdict: The perfect multi-touch game? It’s definitely a fantastic looking, unique and incredibly intense experience. The art style is great; shiny, polished blades against a sparse, clinically clean surface and gory splatters of very realistic looking blood.

Although there are only 24 puzzles the difficulty curve is almost perfect, with each puzzle adding more complexity, precise timing and puzzle elements as you progress. Until you get more than half way through the puzzles, failure means you have to repeat the previous puzzle. This adds to the tension and it is a great relief when you reach the point where you aren’t tested in this manner!

Currently, the only way to rate your performance is the online leaderboard, where crazy people spend 24 hours every day "testing" themselves.

Sound is also used well; sudden jabs of harsh noise accompany the blood splatter whenever you slip up and cut yourself – ouch!

Playing the game gives a feeling of trying to complete a series of fiendish traps, reminiscent of the “Saw” movies, but the “Slice” traps are much more clean and shiny than the majority of traps from that franchise. It’s not a negative observation, Slice has its own clearly defined style, but maybe a future level pack could introduce a more grimy and visually disturbing set of puzzles… 

The movie poster for "Slice II" was decidedly minimalist.

Arcadelife rating: 78/100

The version of that Arcadelife reviewed is 1.0 

iTunes link

Twitch Games Website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
iPad (OS 4.3)

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