Stoned 3D – Update 1.1.0 released

March 29, 2011

Stoned 3D, a casual, stone-age quarry themed shape matcher, has recently (28th March) received a fairly significant update. The official details are as follows:

What’s New In Version 1.1.0
Version 1.1 is a major update that brings loads of improvements to Stoned! The biggest ones are:
° Twitter and Facebook integration
° New background music and some new sounds
° Added a bunch of achievements
° OpenFeint is now linked to Game Center
° Games are faster
° Significantly decreased the file size and loading times
° The personal best score is now shown on the start screen
° … and many more improvements and fixes!

Arcadelife was given the opportunity to play a pre-release version of this update so I have had plenty of time to prove how bad I am at matching tumbling blocks of ancient stone with the correctly shaped holes…

Click on the thumbnails to view the full size (Retina display) images.

Stoned 3D is good looking, but arguably more of a 2.5D game than full 3D as it is a single-screen 2D game with 3D objects. Putting Shape-matching in the description gives the impression that this is a game for “younger players” but I found it entertaining (and quite tough) and I am really not that young!

The latest update has mostly polished the rough edges (gotta love these stone quarry puns) and added or refined the online elements. This game is aimed pretty squarely (I know, I can’t stop myself) at the casual gaming crowd with its simple pick-up-and-play concept and single swipe control method, but it’s easy to recommend as it is an instantly playable little game and avoids the more tedious app-store casual-gaming clichés.

iTunes link


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