Air Supply – 1bit Run update – version 1.2 now available, plus exclusive preview of 1.3!

March 30, 2011

Air Supply – 1bit Run has recently (29th March 2011) been updated to version 1.2. This is really just an interim update before the unveiling of something rather wonderful in version 1.3. More on that spectacular Arcadelife exclusive later. You do understand I have to make the absolute most of these exclusives, don’t you?

Here we go, the official update information:

What’s New In Version 1.2

Hello lovelies! What’s new in this release I hear you ask!
Well I’ll tell you! 😀
*Added a new short and sweet track by Mister Beep – this gives the game an awesome 1bit soundtrack of 8 chiptunes in total.
*Added user requested option to allow buttons to remain visible. This can be found in ‘options’ under ‘control settings’
*Added ability to adjust opacity of ‘always visible’ control graphics.
*Reduced amount of stats visible at game end. You can still see the full stats by pressing the button in the top right hand corner of the game over screen.
*reduced loading times slightly
*Some tiny bug fixes

The slightly redesigned Game Over stats screen

The all new controls options screen

The controls permanently visible, with your choice of opacity.

And now for the unveiling of that special something that is going to be in version 1.3 … Spaceman Sam finally gets a chance to jump back in his own Spaceship and give those pesky aliens a little bit more than just harsh language. You saw it here first! Unless, of course, you saw it somewhere else first…

I can't wait to try that out ... !

If you haven’t already got this great game, click this icon right here:

iTunes link

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  1. […] A tiny sneak peek of v1.3 can be found on the arcadelife website here. […]

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