Mos Speedrun review (iPod/iPhone)

April 9, 2011

“And now it’s time to die cause I can see the sun,
The end is near I’m feeling high,
How fast can I run?”

10 word description: Jump, dodge, race through 20 levels of pixel platform action.

The angular platforms, coin collecting and sparse backgrounds are instantly familiar.

10 word review: Mario vs League of Evil. I’m on a drug called Mos Speedrun.

As in real life, small white bushes will instantly kill you if you touch them.

You will like this if you enjoy: Super Mario Bros/World/Land, League of Evil, Pizza Boy, Frogatto, Terava, 2D platform games in general, replaying levels to achieve different goals.

The level select screen doubles as a record of your badge collection. No, I'm not showing you the stats screen where it counts the number of deaths.

The good news: It’s the new Best Game Ever for platform fans. Two control methods should be able to please (almost) everybody. Level designs are devious and fun. Replaying levels to earn all the badges is pitched just right with the perfect blend of leisurely exploration and pure adrenaline speed-running.

Control option B - on-screen arrows & jump button. Go with the other option, it makes nicer screen-shots.

The bad news: Oh hell, I don’t know. Maybe the bad news is I should have put more thought into the section headings for my reviews?  Ok, here’s some bad news – I couldn’t see my ‘best time’ for any level in the game. Maybe it could be displayed on the level select screen with the badges, or at least in the level completion box with the current time and the target time. Maybe change the target time to your best time once you beat the target time…? 

You generally won't beat any land-speed records while searching for the hidden skulls.

Arcadelife verdict: I love it. Pure, hardcore, unashamed 2D platform gaming that still feels fresh even though it looks and plays like something from 1985. Old people, such as me, who lived through all this stuff when it was new will instantly appreciate Mos and her coin-collecting, fixed-path-enemy dodging world. Younger people, and me again, who are hooked on League of Evil (10 second platform challenges for the ADHD generation) will also love Mos Speedrun, even though the levels are longer and a bit more colourful, at times, than LoE.

Gorgeous photorealistic sunset in an 8-bit pixel graphic style.

Everyone is always banging on about replayability. Mos Speedrun is all about replayability. Not including replays following player deaths (lots), you are going to be playing each level once or twice in explorer mode, picking up all the coins and looking for the secret skull, then any number of further times in flat-out turbo mental mode as you try to beat the target time.

Fire bad. Tree pretty.

Once again, an 8-bit pixel-graphics style is effectively used and suits the game perfectly. The controls are good, whether you prefer the D-pad style arrows with a jump button or the ‘Mos’ controls which avoid on-screen buttons and use the left and right screen edges in the same way as Terava and Shift. I tried both and eventually settled with the Mos controls.

Yay, a zombie! The grey thing following me is a ghost of one of my previous runs.

There’s not a lot more to say, really. Platform game fans will love Mos Speedrun; they just need to find it and start playing it. The app store link a couple of lines further down this page would be a great place to start…   

Arcadelife rating: 91/100

Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.0  

iTunes link

Physmo website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 4.3.1)

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