Angry Rhino Rampage review (iPod/iPhone)

April 10, 2011

“Oooh ooh smash it up, smash it up, smash it up”

10 word description: Endless runner; angry rhino must smash or avoid enemies & obstacles.

Personally, I'd have gone with "Rampant Rhino"

10 word review: Colourful, fun runner. Nothing particularly innovative; rhino conservation message, apparently.

"Prepare to eat horn, poacher scum!"

You will like this if you enjoy: Other endless runners. Can I be bothered listing some? Nah.

It's the same "Oh sh..!" moment you will have experienced a million times already in countless other endless runner games

The good news: It’s smooth, it’s colourful, it looks good on Retina display (following a recent update). Full screen explosions of fruit, debris and hearts are impressively over the top.

The bad news: It doesn’t really add anything new to the endless runner game model. Some unlockable stuff would aid replayability. After an impact, the debris-filled screen often leads to an otherwise avoidable death. Oh, and it’s got “Angry” in the title.

Look up there in the sky... is it an angry bird? No, it's an angry rhino. Ah, ok. But that is a fruit cart, right?

Arcadelife verdict: For what it is, yet another endless runner, Angry Rhino Rampage doesn’t really get anything wrong. It’s fun, in a pick-up-and-play (for 5 minutes) way, as are most of the others, and it has a very nice bold, colourful style with plenty of stuff flying across the screen when you ram into enemies and obstacles. Even picking up a bonus heart fills the screen with flying hearts.


The music is reminiscent of a comedy show set in a 1940’s French café.

The rhino is a decent enough character, although it would have been so easy to have not just a blue one but a whole bunch of unlockable rhinos of different colours. I’d put the white and black ones as the last two to unlock, if you’re thinking of adding this feature… 

They're obliged to put those signs there by law, just in case any rhinos think it would be healthy to run head first into a pile of boulders

There’s a point at which familiarity becomes tiresome cliché. You run, you tap left to jump, you tap right to attack. Has Angry Rhino Rampage got enough to compete with all the other running games out there? The conservationist message is a fine one, but most people are just going to see a blue cartoon rhino head-butting helicopters and falling down holes.  

This isn’t me playing the game, by the way, just in case you think I’m a total spanner.

Arcadelife rating: 65/100

Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.2

iTunes link

Milk Drinking Cow website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 4.3.1)

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