Monster Trouble HD review (iPad)

April 13, 2011

“If you’re looking for trouble
You came to the right place”

I love this loading screen. The fat goblin's eyes sparkle too.

10 word description: Real time strategy. Tower defence. 26 levels, 10 tower types.

You can zoom in a lot further than this.

10 word review: Great looking and very challenging expansion of the TD concept.

The same map, zoomed right out. You can also rotate and scroll it as much as you like.

You will like this if you enjoy: Tower defence, real time strategy, shooting goblins. 

You have a limited number of water buckets to extinguish fires. Tip - kill the purple goblins as soon as possible.

The good news: Graphics, animation and spinny/zoomy stuff are all high quality and smooth. Presentation and art style are consistent and interesting. Map layouts are varied and each one allows for different strategies. Emphasis is on cartoon village characters and a story feel, rather than a cold, stats based TD approach.  

If you get Lord of the Rings deja-vu looking at the map style and font, you're not alone.

The bad news: It could do with a bit more of a tutorial, particularly for items and upgrades that appear later on, and possibly a few more shorter, easier levels before it really gets into the longer, challenging maps. None of that actually spoils this version of the game, though. 

Attackers can come from 3 diffrent points on this map.

Arcadelife verdict: There’s a lot of charm and fun in this game. I never felt like I was just plonking towers down in the most strategic place. It’s also a nice feature to be able to choose which type of villager you put into a tower, rather than just having a tower that magically shoots or pokes enemies with a pitchfork. The enemies are fun too – it doesn’t take long for you to feel real panic when purple ‘fire lobbing’ goblins start running towards your towers.

Once again, some old bloke in a videogame has heard how great I am.

Instead of the basic “stop x number of enemies reaching your base/castle/whatever at the end of the road” type of TD game, Monster Trouble gives you different objectives and quite a lot of freedom where to build on each map. You may have to defend a windmill in the centre of the map, or repel a goblin invasion and prevent them destroying 3 buildings in a town. Sometimes, you’re going to lose and have to try again. Sorry, but that’s how some games still work, even on an iOS device in 2011.

Any TD fan is going to really enjoy this game, even though it isn’t pure TD in the way that you know it. If you aren’t too keen on TD games but you like real time strategy (admittedly purely as a defender in this case) Monster Trouble has a lot to offer.  

Arcadelife rating: 83/100

Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.0 

iTunes link

Magic Dreams website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
iPad (OS 4.3.1)

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