Doodlebug updated – version 1.1 with PROPER control method!

April 26, 2011

In the original Arcadelife review of Doodlebug, I rated the game very low because the control method, for me anyway, completely killed the game. It was a single thumb controller that did everything – multi-direction movement, jump and fire. It just didn’t work. The game is a tricky, challenging port of an old Amiga/Atari ST game and the last thing it needed was some wacky, frustrating and virtually useless control method.

So … fast forward to today. Version 1.1 has been released with the following update notes:

What’s New In Version 1.1
* New additional and alternative virtual control pad and buttons added!
* Start of first Toy Land level slightly easier.
* Minor bug fixes.
* Rebuilt for iOS3.2 upwards.

All good news, but the real clincher is the new control method. The virtual pad (on the left, where it should be) + buttons for jump and shoot, work really well and perfectly suit the game.

The "normal" control choice - D-Pad + buttons works, dare I say it ... perfectly!

Top marks and many thanks to Mobile Amusements for listening (not just to me) and giving this game a control method that really does it justice.

I’ve updated the original review and changed the rating. Go and read it to find out just how much improved it is…

I can now recommend this game. If you want it, here’s the iTunes link:

iTunes link

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