Interstellar Force (iPod/iPhone) – update news

April 26, 2011

One of my favourite retro style shooters on my iPod Touch – Interstellar Force – has recently received an update to version 1.3, described officially as follows:

What’s New In Version 1.3
1. Added “relative touch” control mode – this is now the default control mode (the player can now easily touch and drag the ship around)
2. Fixed bug with pausing the game and with the application being interrupted by a phone call, text message, etc…
3. increased autofire repeat rate.
4. Fixed player not getting points for enemy ship being blown up by a bomb.
5. Changed application icons to new style

As always, it’s great to see iOS games getting regular updates, but I particularly like this one because it includes the relative touch control method that I asked for in the original Arcadelife review. Since then, I’ve been involved with testing this version of the game and providing feedback and suggestions about the relative touch control method. I’m pleased to say it works fine – just don’t try continually taking screen shots (as I tend to do for reviews) as this temporarily interferes with the touch control. Playing the game normally, you won’t have any problems with it!

Yay - Touch control! Let's have a party!

Of course, you can't actually SEE relative touch control in a screen-shot. Duh.

Retro style shooter fans should go get this game now. If you don’t like the relative touch control, please feel free to direct all abuse this way as I am (mostly) responsible for it being in this game.

iTunes link



  1. Keep and eye out – I’m working on V2.0 which will add four new levels and an endless mode (that is unlocked when you complete level 7). There will also be all kinds of new enemies including bosses.

    I might do a V1.4 to add Gamecenter support.

  2. Someone tells me that the new v2.0 will be great 🙂

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