Arcadelife Awards – April 2011

May 14, 2011

Welcome to the second Arcadelife awards show. Due to conflicting commitments, tonight’s special guests can’t make it to the Arcadelife awards show, claiming that they get more publicity sitting on the toilet at home. Ah well, it’s their loss. Let’s just get on with the show and hope that next month’s celebrities bother turning up.¹

Remember – all games included were reviewed by Arcadelife in April 2011. That’s the only criteria for inclusion. Being truly awful does not exclude a game from being nominated, just from winning. Mostly.

Here we go… Under each category is a list of nominees. The winner is the one at the top of each list. The rest are in some kind of approximate order of merit. The final category, Arcadelife’s favourite game is the game that got played most after the review was finished.

Best implementation of retro style

Minotron: 2112

Minotron: 2112
Pac’n Jump
Mos Speedrun
Platform Hell Pro

Best clone, port or re-imagining


Best Sport or vaguely sport related game

Super Stickman Golf
Deadball Specialist HD
Flick Golf!

Most remarkable graphics (for whatever reason)

Asphalt 6
Minotron: 2112
Collision Effect
Platform Hell Pro

Best puzzle, physics, reaction or match-3 type game

Collision Effect – Joint WINNER

Drop The Chicken – Joint WINNER
Choo Choo Steam Trains
Zepi HD
Ink Ball HD

Most bizarre or surprising game

Ninja, Please! (Note – the winner is the most bizarre game, not necessarily the best game)
Pac’n Jump

Best ‘Endless Running’ (or bouncing, jumping, whatever) type game

Pac’n Jump
Angry Rhino Rampage
Air Penguin

Best game that didn’t make it into one of the other categories

Monster trouble HD
Coin Drop
Neon Mania
The Relic

Arcadelife’s favourite game

Super Stickman Golf
Asphalt 6
Pac’n Jump

And there you have it. If I wasn’t so lazy (it’s Saturday night, ok) I’d put iTunes links in for all the games, or at least all the winners, but I haven’t Go and read the Arcadelife reviews, the iTunes links are in there. That way everyone wins. Well, I possibly win. And Charlie Sheen, of course.

¹ – Ok, I’m really having too much fun playing Army of Darkness Defense HD and Order & Chaos Online so I had to stick with a short review format this month. Maybe next month the fake celebrity nonsense will return. Who knows?

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