Flick Golf HD (iPad) – update 1.1 news/review

May 16, 2011

Arcadelife reviewed Flick Golf! (iPod/iPhone) on April 3rd 2011 – read that review here – and it earned an impressive 86/100, being described as “addictive fun”, “videogame golf with the fuss and tedium removed” and a “truly great pick-up-and play game”. The iPad version has recently received the update that adds the extra courses and content, and it is very good indeed.

Lots of new stuff... what shall we try first?

The official update description is as follows:

+ Game Center
+ 5 New Courses
+ New Quickshot Pro Mode
+ Platinum Trophies
+ Easier Level Unlocks
+ Even More Achievements.

Quickshot mode gives you limited time in which to score as high as possible. The target moves between shots and the wind increases if you manage to play for long enough. Getting the ball in the hole or the central red target circle will add +10 or +3 seconds respectively to your remaining time.

It all looks very pretty on the iPad

Everything from the original Flick Golf review applies here, with the added graphical splendour of the iPad screen.

Overall, this is a great update and a very polished game. It’s a bit of a shame there isn’t a universal version, but that’s about the only negative point I can think of.

iTunes link

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