Red Ball 3 HD review (iOS/Universal)

June 1, 2011

“Yeah, the worst is over now
The mornin’ sun is shinin’ like a red rubber ball”

Arcadelife’s 100th review!

10 word description: Platform physics/action puzzler. 20 levels. Hidden stars & tunnels.

If you need this screen explained to you, this probably isn't a site that you normally visit

10 word review: Hard, bordering on very hard, yet curiously enjoyable platform game.

Things I learned from videogames no #57 in a series of 1000 - stars can always be reached by jumping, climbing or falling

You will like this if you enjoy: Red Devil, which is a very, very similar game. Platform games incorporating physics puzzles. Challenging (hard) games.

The puzzles require a mixture of moving objects, precision timing and a degree of dexterity

The good news: It’s hard. That’s actually good news, as there are only 20 levels. Despite the high difficulty and often frustrating deaths and fumbles, it keeps pulling me back for one more go. Many of the puzzles are very inventive and allow for more than one possible solution.

Jumping between two swinging balls - you will be so happy when you get past this level ... !

The bad news: It’s hard. What is good news for some may put others off. If you’re prepared to persevere and not expect an easy 3-star victory on your first attempt on every level, well, let’s just say that you have been warned…

This contraption almost made me throw my iPod at the wall. It's not really that bad...

Arcadelife verdict: I like this game. There are times when I hated it and wanted to throw it at a wall, but that’s often the sign of a good game for me. OK, I’m strange; I know that. Many times, Red Ball 3 showed me a level where the solution was obvious but I failed dozens of times because either I, or the responsiveness of the controls, wasn’t up to executing the most obvious solution. I blame myself, most of the time. Occasionally, the controls could possibly feel better. There’s a tiny bit of feedback missing when you tap the jump button. Don’t ask me how to make it more tangible, I have no idea.

Overall, Red Ball 3 hits the targets that it’s aiming for. There’s even a level that changes the control method slightly and pays blatant homage to a classic iPhone game. I won’t spoil it by saying which game, or posting any screenshots of it, but it’s worth getting that far to see it for yourself. It’s level 16, if you’re interested…

Arcadelife rating: 79.5/100

Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.0
iTunes link

Chillingo / Red Ball 3 website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 4.3.3)
iPad (OS 4.3.3)

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