Order & Chaos Online – Rift daily quests

June 20, 2011

This is the second post about daily quests in Gameloft’s MMORPG, Order & Chaos Online. In the first one, I listed the daily quests in The Great Desert, now we move on to the ones in Sinskaald Rift.

Click on the images, particularly the maps, to see the full size iPad screen image.

Sinskaald Rift Daily Quests

“Heretic Strongpoint”

General location – Top of the main stairs in Suspended City
Quest giver/receiver – Lyulfe The Mercyslayer
Quest reward (cash) – 2g 63s
XP – 16200
Other – none

Fairly easy, very quick. Get the quest, run down the steps and then down the ramp outside the Suspended City, cross the path and you are immediately in an area full of the target enemies. Kill 3 each of the Heretic Elites and the Heretic Darkmages (the only two types in the area, conveniently) and you’re done.

“From Dusk Until Dawn”

General location – Stranger’s Roost
Quest giver/receiver – Ukamir Greymoss – wanders around in a small area in the middle of the buildings
Quest reward (cash) – 2g 44s
XP – 15600
Other – none

I’d recommend taking the 3 daily quests from Stranger’s Roost, doing this one first and the next two on your way back, just to save time.

This quest involves a fairly long walk along the north edge of the map into a beach area full of Fishfolk. Your targets are 6 of the Wrestler type Fishfolk. There are more than 6 in the area and they’re fairly easy kills.

Stranger's Roost - There are 3 daily quests here

This is where the Wrestlers are...

“Bulette Crisis”

General location – Stranger’s Roost
Quest giver/receiver – Anryn Sandthroat – inside a small building
Quest reward (cash) – 2g 34s
XP – 15300
Other – This quest takes you into the PVP zone.

This quest should be done at the same time as the next one, “Beer Shortage” as the target enemies are in the same place. Fairly simple, kill 10 Rabid Scorch Bulettes. I counted 6 that appear in the target area. They respawn quite quickly. If you work your way around in a circular path, also killing the Elite Livingrocks to get the quest items for “Beer Shortage” there will always be something to kill, unless the place is crowded with people doing the quests…

Two daily quests come from these two blokes in this shack, situated in Stranger's Roost

This is where you can carry out the 'Bulette Crisis' & 'Beer Shortage' daily quests

“Beer Shortage”

General location – Stranger’s Roost
Quest giver/receiver – Manet Trimice – inside a small building
Quest reward (cash) – 2g 25s
XP – 15000
Other – This quest takes you into the PVP zone.

See the map above (for Bulette crisis) to see where to go to find the Elder Livingrocks. Normal Livingrocks also drop the quest item (you have to collect 6 of them) but the Elder versions are in the same area as the Rabid Scorch Bulettes so it makes sense to kill ’em all at the same time. The drop rate for the quest items isn’t great, so that’s another reason to double up the quest killing while you’re in the area.

This is what you need to collect - 6 of them.

“What’s Out There?”

General location – Farstrider Outpost
Quest giver/receiver – Taddeo
Quest reward (cash) – 2g 82s
XP – 16800
Other – none

Taddeo is standing near a stone watchtower. The quest involves walking a reasonably short distance to a nearby area populated by bird women and weird brown blokes in long coats. Typically, you need to kill 8 each of them, return to Taddeo and collect your gold and XP.

“Master of Black Beach”

General location – Bulrinto Outpost
Quest giver/receiver – Ruth the Fireye
Quest reward (cash) – 3g 3s
XP – 17400
Other – none

The first of two daily quests from Bulrinto Outpost, both taking place in the same general “Black Beach” area to the north west. The quest giver is inside a building on the right hand side as you walk into the camp from the south. The quick way to reach the target zone is to go across two of the high bridges (north exit from the camp) and then jump down to the beach area. The only creatures on the beach are the targets for this quest. You need to kill 8 of them.

“Black King”

General location – Bulrinto Outpost
Quest giver/receiver – Irleud Herbtear
Quest reward (cash) – 4g 4s
XP – 23200
Other – none

Fairly simple. Go to the same general Black Beach area as the previous quest, cross a small stretch of water and kill the elite level 60 BIG BLACK DRAGON. Easy, right?

This is where to find him...

I’m not posting any pictures of the dragon. That would be a slight spoiler and you don’t want that, do you?

Rift Daily Totals

XP – 119,500

Cash – 19g 55s

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