Hunters: Episode One – version 1.1 news

July 1, 2011

Hunters: Episode One, the cool turn-based combat game from Rodeo Games, has been updated recently.

The new skyscraper environment

The official press release for the update is:

New studio “Rodeo Games” celebrates 500,000 downloaded copies of “Hunters” with version 1.1 update and limited time price drop.
In the four months since release, Hunters: Episode One has been played by over half a million iOS gamers. To celebrate, Rodeo Games are releasing their first update.

Entitled 1.1, this release features:

  • Achievements and Leaderboards support with GameCenter and OpenFeint.
  • New Environments.
  • New Daily Contracts.
  • Optimised Game Engine.
  • Refined and Improved in-game UI and touch controls.
  • New End Game Content and Difficulty.

Price Drop
For a limited time from June 28th, Hunters: Episode One will be on sale.
iPhone $4.99 down to $1.99
iPad $7.99 down to $2.99

Here I am, using the same old "stop bullets with head" tactic in the new environment

Although Arcadelife is obviously still very keen to see a set of campaign missions for Hunters, this update is good news and a great indication of the continuing support from the developer for this game.

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