Choco Run review (iOS / Universal)

July 8, 2011

“Having trouble with my direction
Upside down psychotic reaction”

10 word description: “Guided Platformer”; tap to jump. HARD by design. Game Center.

This looks familiar

10 word review: Initially very odd controls; brutal difficulty. Masochists only need apply.

Objective: grab key, find exit. In reality it is: Die, die, die, die, die, find key, die, die, find key, die, die...

You will like this if you enjoy: Super Meat Boy. Gravonaut. Platform games where you die a lot. Testing your patience to breaking point.

Look, there's the key! Damn, I'm dead. Again.

The good news: It’s encouraging to see another example of a very hard platform game where some thought has gone into creating an original control method specifically for the touch screen.

Every death is a level restart. The timer keeps running. This game hates you in every way imaginable.

The bad news: It’s frustratingly difficult, often because of the encouragingly original control method.

Many hours later, failure is still an option

Arcadelife verdict: Don’t listen to me, this could be your new favourite platform challenge game. Personally, I think I’ve burned myself out on League of Evil, Gravonaut, Mos Speedrun, 1-bit Ninja … and another viciously hard platformer that requires infinite patience (which this really is) just pushed me over the edge.

Arcadelife rating: 68/100

Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.0.2
iTunes link

Choco Run website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 4.3.3)
iPad (OS 4.3.3)

One comment

  1. I think you should take a look at version 2.0 Things have changed quite a bit 😉

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