Color Bandits review (iPod/iPhone)

July 13, 2011

“Are you ready for the war?
Bring your colours to the floor”

10 word description: Side-scrolling shooter; restore colour; power-ups, boss battles, campaign + survival.

Your mission is to restore colour to each zone by slaughtering thousands of harmless, pacifist aliens. Which part of that isn't true?

10 word review: Stylish and well designed, graphically superior, maybe a bit easy.

The thoroughly enjoyable genocide results in subtle pastel shades replacing the bleak greys

You will like this if you enjoy: Scrolling shooters; action games with a consistent and polished style.

Correction - A huge wave of enemies is about to be annihilated

The good news: Looks good, controls work very well, good framerate, overall feeling of a polished, well-tested game.

Each zone ends with a battle against a huge boss. And they said originality was dead...

The bad news: A bit short and a bit easy, but those are not necessarily negative points, depending on your preferences and expectations for a phone game.

Completing the third zone unlocks survival mode

Arcadelife verdict: This is one of the better shooters I’ve played on an iOS device in quite a while. The graphics are great and the subtle transition from monochrome to colour as you clear each zone is really rather beautiful. The controls work very well, which is always a good thing. Power-ups are varied and nicely depicted. Enemies are all very well drawn, particularly the large bosses. It’s just a slight shame that the game is quite short and a bit on the easy side.

Holy sh*t! Get me the fly swatter... the really big fly swatter...

Arcadelife rating: 81/100

Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.0.1
iTunes link

Chillingo / Color Bandits website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 4.3.3)

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