Essential iOS games – Part 3 – Trainyard

July 19, 2011

Trainyard has been around for a while, accumulating a lot of praise from reviewers and app store customers. There’s a very good reason for this – it’s a great game.

It’s a puzzle game, where your challenge is to connect departure stations to destination stations, ensuring that trains of a specific colour end up at the correct colour coordinated station.

As the game progresses, different colour mixing techniques become essential in order to send, for example, a red train and a yellow train to an orange station…

I’ve had Trainyard for ages; it’s still installed and I often return to it, despite having rather a lot of far more recent games hanging around waiting to get played. The game mechanics work so well, and the interface is so friendly, it’s easy to get back into at any time and start fiddling around with whatever level I last reached.

There’s no time limit for solving the puzzles, you just carry on making adjustments and experimenting until you reach the solution. Then you keep messing around trying to make the solution prettier, or shaped like a penis, depending on your current frame of mind.

Every solved puzzle retains your solution. If you are particularly proud of any, you can upload them to the game’s solution database.

Overall, this is an engrossing and very entertaining puzzle game that will keep you going for a long time.

There’s also a free version with its own 60 puzzles. Go get that now!

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