Companions – Update 1.20 & Lite version

August 3, 2011

The awesome hardcore iPad dungeon crawl that is COMPANIONS has received a significant update (1.20) and there is now a lite (free) version available. The official update notes are as follows:

What’s New In Version 1.20

– fixed: several bugs which immobilized the characters
– fixed: group movement: the character’s won’t block themselves any longer
– fixed: nets now work correctly again
– fixed: relocated some autosaves which could cause problems
– fixed: skill spamming no longer possible
– fixed: several problems with the tactical pause
– fixed: problem with the ranged units (shooting while moving)
– fixed: enemies no longer become invisible
– fixed: some bugs that froze the skills and lead to immobilization
– fixed: keyboard input issue
– fixed: save games from version 1.0 now work correctly on map_01

– added: new save menu: auto/quicksave + 7 manual save slots
– added: contact links in the options menu

– balancing: enhanced the movement speed of the dwarf and the human from 1 to 1.25
– balancing: tweeked values for Wand of Fire-/ball/-storm, Hoof of Flash and Nets

– new: App Icon

Here’s the new icon…

Hey, what's the Minotaur doing???

That’s one heck of a nice update and it’s great to see Smuttlewerk listening to their growing army of fans and delivering the updates that are being requested and, it has to be said, adding a lot to the game.

Because it’s very warm and I am even more lazy than usual, here’s a bunch of update info lifted from the press pack. Meanwhile, if you haven’t tried this game yet, there’s no excuse now the lite version is available!

“Companions” was just updated on the App Store and contains more features and improvements than you can throw a spell at! For example, group movement and formations have been implemented. The game now has better item handling, and you can now drag & drop items on player portraits. And if you leave a single-map game from the options menu, the map is automatically saved.

Based on player feedback, the tooltips no longer appear at inconvenient places, and brand new items such as unique armors and Book Of The Ambusher has been added! But this RPG offers a lot more! “Companions” now also include a brand new single-map (Elemental Assault), and a large number of fan requests have been tweaked and optimized for optimal dungeon crawling!

The new update also includes a brand new “save menu” where players are now able to save up to 7 different quests per campaign, in addition to a quick-save and autosave!

On other news the developer has also created a Lite version of “Companions” giving curious players the perfect opportunity to try out the game before buying the full version! The Lite version includes the Tutorial and the first map of the Campaign.


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