His Adventure review (iPod/iPhone)

August 11, 2011

“Here I go again
Jumping off this platform, to another end”

10 word description: Help ‘Him’ by moving the platform. Avoid obstacles, collect stars.

The oblong block (to the left of the cute little character) is the thing that you move around...

10 word review: Fun, challenging and rather clever: ‘Lemmings meets Super Meat Boy’.

You can carry him around on it, or use it to block him and force a direction change. Just don't hit him on the head or allow him to walk into the saw blades

You will like this if you enjoy: Platform games where you don’t directly control the main character. For example, RollOut.

Optionally collect stars on your way to the exit. The next screen shot shows that I am just about capable of doing this...

The good news: Nice concept, clear and consistent hand-drawn (not quite doodle) graphics, well designed levels, subtle animations, plenty of content.

Trust me, it gets much harder than this

The bad news: I’d like to see a relative control option added, as the current control method has the platform jump to wherever your finger touches the screen. There are good and bad aspects of this but I would definitely prefer relative touch as the control method. The current method occasionally causes collisions and deaths (when the platform jumps between screen-touches) that I feel could be avoided with relative touch, giving a smoother overall experience.

This doesn't look too bad (really?), but remember that the little guy constantly walks until he reaches an obstruction, just like a Lemming

Arcadelife verdict: This is a good platform challenge game, well conceived and free of unnecessary frills and gimmicks. The hand-drawn art style fits the gameplay well and the levels are definitely challenging. As I mentioned, I’d prefer a relative touch control method, which should be very easy to include, but the game does work well in its current form.

Ha ha, you gotta be kiddin' me!

Arcadelife rating: 75/100

Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.0
iTunes link

Pezzini Games / His Adventure website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 4.3.5)

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