Bean’s Quest (iOS/Universal) – Update 2.0.0

August 12, 2011

Bean’s Quest has been updated with some very welcome extra levels, Game Center support and additional control options and configuration. I have updated (mostly rewritten) the Arcadelife review of Bean’s Quest because the update has resolved all the issues I had with the game. The rating has also been increased to reflect the improvements and much needed additional content.

At last, World 2! And World 3 is coming soon

The official update description is as follows:

What’s New In Version 2.0.0

– World 2 is here! Bounce your way to victory through 9 all-new levels.
– Added Game Center support including 10 achievements and 2 leader-boards.
– Added options to change control style or hide control arrows.
– Improved performance on low-end devices.
– Added 3D audio.
– Fixed various bugs.  

World 2: The Crystal Peaks is here! Bean’s Quest has been expanded to include 17 stages with another world under way, coming in September 2011, The Sky Ruins!
Bean’s Quest 2.0.0 adds support for Game Center, achievements, leader boards, 3D audio and improved performance on older devices!


New platform graphics, enemies and backgrounds are just the start

I really like Bean’s Quest, but the lack of content (only 8 levels in the initial release) seriously affected my overall opinion and the rating it received from Arcadelife. Following this update I would recommend it to any platform game fan, just be warned that the difficulty level increases quite significantly in world 2!

Here are a few more screens from world 2, taken on my 4th gen iPod Touch:



The return of the big rolling ball



Spiky ball swinging on a chain - that's new!



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