SplitApple review (iOS / Universal)

August 26, 2011

“This target’s hit, and i’m settling scores”

10 word description: 3D Archery / target range. Multiple modes, moving targets, varying wind.

It's gorgeous, it's 3D, it has awesome physics. It's an archery target.

10 word review: Graphically splendid, quite difficult, reminiscent of a Wii archery game.

That's you, in your back yard. With Ted Nugent's bow and arrows.

You will like this if you enjoy: Target shooting games, specifically archery games. Graphically impressive games.

Take aim and focus ... aim slightly high to allow for the distance...

The good news: It looks quite stunning; that’s the first thing I thought when I played it. The modes are all worth playing and are offer different challenges. The kinetic effect when an arrow hits a target is one of the most convincingly solid and realistic physical impacts of this type that I have seen in a videogame on any device. The controls, while forming a large part of the game’s challenge, make sense and work admirably considering the limitations of representing archery on a touch screen. It’s hard to see how they could have done it any better.

... and that's not bad. Now try it with a bit more cross-wind

The bad news: The whole game is set in the same location from the same viewpoint/shooting position. It’s a very pretty location, admittedly, but it’s still just one. Also, there is only one bow, which is kind of a missed opportunity. I’d like to see a few more bows to choose from, maybe a very simple “stick and string” type bow and something ultra-technical with laser sighting or some other modification. These different bows could be part of a difficulty setting, or added as unlockables.

Or just make it a moving target and stick a great big wooden board in the way!

While I’m having ideas, how about a set of much shorter challenge levels, bronze/silver/gold rated, where you get rated according to score, arrows used, time taken, etc.? The current challenge mode takes quite a long time to complete (for a casual archery game).

One last bad point – scores are only saved (in-game) if you are online. This seems a bit daft for a single-player game and I would really like to see it changed to always record your score.

Don't worry... play offline and you will never be reminded how bad that score was

Arcadelife verdict: This game is similar to Flick Golf – gorgeously rendered setting(s) and a fairly simple target shooting game, albeit a very polished and impressive target shooting game. The overall feeling I have of it was backed up by the reaction of a friend when I let him try it out: Initial awe (at the graphical splendour) and then a slightly anticlimactic sense of “Is that it?” when the full game turns out to be target shooting in a single setting.

I love it when games hand you that final review screenshot on a plate. Thank you!

I don’t have any real criticism of the graphics (which really are very good), controls, archery realism, target physics, interface … the components of the game are generally way beyond satisfactory. The problem I have is that the polish of the game promises more than the current content seems to deliver. Would I have any criticism at all if this game had more locations (or at least some different viewpoints), a few unlockable bows and a set of short mini-challenge levels? Probably not.

Arcadelife rating: 77/100

Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.3
iTunes link

MKO Games website link
SplitApple on Facebook

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 4.3.5)
iPad (OS 4.3.5)

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  1. This looks amazing!

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