Skyrim – Two weeks to go…

October 28, 2011

With just two weeks until Skyrim’s release date – 11.11.11 – I thought I’d cobble together a small collection of the most recent and/or most interesting media currently available for the game.

To start with, here’s the live action TV trailer posted by Bethesda on 24th October:

Followed closely by Todd Howard being interviewed about Skyrim, plus a fair amount of gameplay footage:

Here’s a great video that contains a good mixture of concept art and game footage.

Here are some of my favourite in-game shots taken from the Skyrim website.

It's good that they're dropped the clunky brown menus from Oblivion in favour of something that looks like it should be in Mass Effect 3...

Here’s a link to the official Bethesda/Skyrim site.

If you’re looking forward to playing Skyrim, I’ll do my best to post a release day review, although it will possibly only include the character generation and first few minutes of the game…

Normal service (I mean an iOS game review) will be resumed tomorrow.

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