Sunshine Preview (iPhone/iPod & iPad)

November 4, 2011

Sunshine – the latest iOS game from Quantum Sheep (Air Supply – 1bit Run, .Matrixx) – will be released on the app store next week. I’ve been playing the full retail version of the game, a genre blurring casual shooter that puts you in the role of The Sun, fighting for happiness through 8 cutely drawn worlds.

As the sun travels across the sky through the four seasons, you have to use shots of sunlight to destroy the grumpy clouds. This increases the world’s happiness score. Hitting anything else increases the sadness score. The objective, unsurprisingly, is to have a higher happiness than sadness score at the end of Winter.

The first world is "Prehistory"

The 8 worlds depict various eras of Earth history, including Ancient Greece and a Viking age complete with dragons and Viking longboats.

This is ancient Greece. I believe I just got an achievement for shooting down Icarus. Seriously

The cute, colourful graphics and simple “tap where you want to shoot” gameplay disguise a polished shooter that is as much about high-scoring strategies as it is about saving the world from unhappy clouds. As Quantum Sheep explained, “It’s certainly a casual game, but it’s a shooter at heart. I’m trying to get ‘mums and girlfriends’ into shooters.” With Game Center leaderboards and achievements already in place, plus a serious test of your accuracy and perception in the later worlds, this is well worth checking out if you’re a fan of shoot-em-up games.

The sun rises over a Viking fjord - that small cloud is the enemy and must die, but in a very pretty way

Look out for a release day review on Arcadelife next week.


  1. Ooooh! Very excited for this one! Can’t wait! Looks awesome! 😀

    Wait… what do you mean you can see it’s me?



    QS 😀

  2. […] Arcadelife Sunshine Preview […]

  3. I have had the pleasure of playing a preview of this game – and I for one will be purchasing this on the day of release!

    I love it!
    Its one of those games that shouldn’t work – at least for this veteran of the “shoot em up” genre fo the last 20 odd years!
    But I just had to “have one more go!”..and that one more go turned into about a hundred – until my wife beat me into submission….then she started playing.

    I wont even go into the fact my 8 year old daughter “borrows” the ipad for extended (read days) periods of time to play Sunshine…

    Time to buy another iPad…..

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