Sunshine – Here comes the Sun! review (iPod/iPhone & iPad)

November 10, 2011

“A ray of sunshine…
Sometimes you know today you’re gonna have a good time”

10 word description: Shooting Grumpy Clouds with your fireballs increases the world’s happiness – lifted directly from the app store description.

Wearing one of the many unlockable hats, here we see The Sun deploying fiery destruction in the general direction of a nearby Grumpy Cloud

10 word review: Addictive shooter with unique visuals and subtle strategic depth. Lovely.

Outnumbered but never outgunned - a glowing red sun is the ultimate smart bomb

You will like this if you enjoy: Well designed shoot-em-ups with the mysterious ability to appeal to pretty much everyone, except insecure “real gamers” with closed minds and no imagination.

You have to make it through four full seasons in each world. This is winter, fairly obviously

The good news: Pretty, almost storybook style graphics. Simple “tap where you want the shot to go” shooting. Simple enough for anyone to pick up and play but with enough strategic high-scoring for arcade veterans to fully enjoy it too. Plenty of graphical variety between levels. No deaths, but failure is still an option due to the way your shot accuracy affects the score and, ultimately, your ability to beat each level.

Your ammo is displayed as the sun's rays. It replenishes over time and can be instantly refilled by vanquishing the largest clouds

The bad news: Not bad news for the player, as the game is a real joy, but I have a feeling the art style will deter those who see themselves as “too hardcore” to want to play as The Sun, shooting Grumpy Clouds. The mixture of cute, childlike graphical appeal and shooter gameplay was always going to be a gamble; let’s hope it pays off.

It's summer ... on the moon

Arcadelife verdict: Well, heck, what can I say? I took time out from a whole bunch of other great games just because I wanted to fully level up my Sun and unlock as many hats as possible. Not just for this review, although it certainly helped, but because I had such a great time with this game. There are moments in games that stick in your mind, and accidentally shooting down a dragon in the middle of an otherwise flawless shooting spree over a Viking fjord is one of those moments. Crushingly sad, yet also quite beautiful. Maybe we need a sequel – Bad Sun the Dragonslayer?

Arcadelife rating: 91/100

Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1
iTunes link iPod / iPhone version
iTunes link HD iPad version

Quantum Sheep / Sunshine website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 5.0)
iPad (OS 5.0)


  1. That is just awesome! Thank you soooo much! 😀

    And as an exclusive sneak peek, here’s the icon for “Bad Sun the Dragon Slayer” 😀

    Thanks again, sir!

    QS 😀

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