Road Warrior – upcoming iPhone/iPad game

November 28, 2011

Mobjoy (Undead Attack, Smelly Cat, Tap A Lot) are going to release their seventh game for iOS, Road Warrior, in early December – a ‘cars meet guns’ game, which is in the final development stages. This will be a universal iOS release.

Described by Mobjoy as “A thrilling racing game inspired by many successful games, such as Blizzard’s Rock n’ Roll Racing, Death Rally and Extreme Road Trip; and even the cult movie Mad Max.

Surprisingly, it’s played in a 2D side-view with tracks that look more like those of an endless runner style game than a racer, but there’s no denying the game looks fun and action-packed. Some of the quoted features include:

– Intensive Aerial Stunts: earn cash and speed boosts according the your stunts. The better your stunts get, the bigger is your advantage over other racers.

– Guns: five different weapons are available to equip your car. They have unique behaviors, which should be used wisely.

– Multi-paths levels: all 9 levels have multiple paths specifically designed to favor certain types of cars. Learn shortcuts and car attributes to take the maximum out of every vehicle.

As is fairly usual in this kind of racer/shooter, doing well in races earns you cash that you use to upgrade your vehicles and buy new ones. Hopefully this won’t just be another exercise in IAP abuse and the upgrades and new cars will be achievable by just playing the game. Hopefully.

It certainly seems like one to look out for next month – and that’s only a couple of days away. Here’s a video that shows the game in action. If you want to skip to the actual racing, it starts around 01:05.

And here’s a link to the Mobjoy / Road Warrior website.


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