Hunters 2 – It’s coming!

December 16, 2011

If you enjoyed Hunters: Episode One (released in February 2011 by Rodeo Games), you’re going to be pleased to hear that they will be releasing the imaginatively titled sequel in Spring 2012.

I’ll now write a bunch of stuff, based loosely on what I’ve been told in an email from Rodeo Games’ Ben Murch, adding some uninformed speculation based on the screenshots and my desire to appear knowledgeable about an unreleased iOS game.

For starters, Hunters 2 will be a universal release, so you can play it on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. There’s a new graphics engine “which can handle real-time dynamic lighting along with loads of customisation options.”

Hunters 2 will feature a full single-player campaign mode, something that was significantly missing from Episode One. The protagonist will be a new hero class character, Caius Black, who appears to be able to dual-wield – check out the following screenshots to see what I’m guessing here…

That looks like a mini-gun in one hand and some kind of melee weapon in the other. Good times

Rodeo Games enthusiastically tell me, “Also included are new enemy races, environments, mission types and of course more guns and gear!” What immediately jumps out of that sentence, for me,  is the mention of new enemy races. I believe we can see some here, along with more evidence of Caius’ dual-wielding…

"Is this going to be a stand-up fight, or another frog hunt?"

If you haven’t tried out Hunters Episode One, it’s going on sale this weekend to celebrate the announcement of Hunters 2.

I was going to say that in Hunters 2 you can fly this spaceship, but then I thought I'd better not

So, 2012 might be worth sticking around for after all. As soon as I get hold of a pre-release build of Hunters 2 I’ll be sure to post some vaguely believable hype right here on this website.


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