Hero of Sparta II – Free lunch theory

December 20, 2011

Hero of Sparta II (yes, double-i, not 2) is now free. Completely free. But before you start a Christmas party in your pants, you might like to note the following…

It has adverts plastered almost everywhere and has some weird loading issues. Apart from that it’s a pretty good deal, unless you already bought the game…

What appears to be really annoying for people who already own Hero of Sparta 2, at least if the piles of ranting 1-star iTunes reviews are anything to go by, is that if they update their paid-for game it will be replaced by this advert-plagued version.

It’s another fan-base baiting move from Gameloft, hardly likely to endear them to existing owners of the game. I suppose I’m lucky because I hadn’t already bought this one, but I’ll be interested to see what happens to Dungeon Hunter 2 when the freemium DH3 is released tomorrow. If Gameloft stick to their Let’s Golf marketing model, they’ll pull DH2 from the app store very soon after DH3 appears. Otherwise it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that DH2 will become Dungeon Hunter II, complete with advert infestation.

Merry Christmas Gameloft. I hope you get everything you have been asking for.


One comment

  1. I don’t even look at new Gameloft releases any more for these reasons. Good post.

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