Time of Heroes – hilarious power-metal trailer

December 29, 2011

Only the genius minds behind Companions (currently on sale at 99c/69p) could have come up with the power-metal song accompanying the trailer for upcoming universal iPhone/iPad turn-based strategy game Time of Heroes. Here it is, in all its glory:

Driven by cold, driven by hunger
Leaving the king and their old ones behind
Led by Prince Minos and his friend Ungbar
Sails set Southward with prevailing wind
Ungbar’s a strong man, he has a thick hide
He fights in the water and that’s how he died
Now Minos is smarter and clad in strong mail
He fights on the plain, he’s sure to prevail
Ariadne’s a beauty, she’s really quite hot
Her magic is burning the fiends on the spot
Rholtwest is old but quick nonetheless
When flying beasts see him they take their last breath
So always remember, use the best terrain
Utilize your strength and don’t attack in vain
The perils are plenty, fearsome to behold
But, alas, the dead will die as foretold
Dwarves and elves, strong and precise
Battle the forces of Detexx, Gods of demise
The Northlander’s fate is bound to Altland
Bring hope to the people… Make a stand!

Thanks very much to smuttlewerk for letting me know about this. The trailer has given me the best laugh this week and the game looks pretty good too.

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