New year, new rating system

January 2, 2012

I thought I’d change the rating system for the reviewed games. Full details are on the readme.txt page (the link is always in the list of site pages), but here are the changes to save you visiting that page:

Arcadelife rating – Originally a percentage score. This has been modified from 2nd January 2012 as follows:

Visuals – n/10 … How good the game looks and how those looks suit the game.
Audio – n/10 … How good the game sounds and … you get the idea.
Controls – n/10 … As most reviews are iOS games, how good are the touch/tilt controls?
Content – n/10 … Even the best platform game in the world needs more than 7 levels.
Fun – n/10 … How much I enjoyed playing the game.
Final rating – n/100 (derived mathematically from the above scores)

I never really wanted to get the reviews bogged down with loads of  numbers but, after going through all of last year’s reviews for the GOTY awards, it occurred to me that the ratings lacked consistency and relevance. So… I’m adding more numbers and hoping that works. I can always change the whole thing again next January!

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