iCopter Classic – something for nothing

January 16, 2012

While you’re all waiting impatiently for the next review, here’s a quick mention of a free Universal (iPhone/iPad) game that I’ve been playing quite a bit recently and is definitely worth a look – iCopter Classic.

It’s a very simple “tap to go up” endless flyer, where your only objectives are – collect coins and don’t crash. There are two power-ups (in ‘fun’ mode) that temporarily remove the barrier walls or flatten the floor and ceiling. A selection of different themes can be bought with the coins that you earn by playing the game.

This is the forest theme

The game is ad-supported but the ads only appear in menus and just before you start a game, not while you’re playing.

My 4-year old son calls it “Up Down Helicopter” which I prefer to iCopter Classic. If you are in the process of developing a helicopter game and you want to use that game name, please feel free to do so.

iTunes link


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