Upcoming reviews

January 20, 2012

I’ve got several games lined up for review at the moment, and the list will have to suffice as a post for today as I don’t actually have a finished review ready to go up. I know I could just post any old nonsense, lift the screen shots from somewhere else and claim I’d played one of these games a lot more than I have … however I made a new year’s resolution not to do that any more. Joking, joking! I’ve never done that and it would take me just as long, or longer, than doing a proper review anyway.

This is a small selection of the reviews you can look forward to over the next week or so…

Time of Heroes (iOS / Universal)- new fantasy themed turn-based strategy from smuttlewerk interactive.

Note – this is currently on an “early adopter” sale at 99c/59p.

Crazy Putt HD (iPad)- a mini-golf game with colourful holes.

Roads of Rome (iPhone/iPod Touch) – small screen version of the PC / web / iPad time management / strategy game.

You can download a PC demo or play the game in your browser here – http://www.realore.com/games/roads_of_rome/.

Terra Noctis (iOS / Universal) – retro platformer where you play a trainee nightmare who wants to be more scary…

The first of those reviews should be posted on Arcadelife some time tomorrow. However, as that’s a Saturday, I’m not promising anything.

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