Temple Run – Best free iPhone game?

February 28, 2012

First of all, let’s completely forget the IAPs (in-app-purchases), as I’m looking at this purely as a free game, not a freemium game. There’s no need to spend anything in order to fully enjoy Temple Run and play it as much as you like, which is a very good thing in my opinion.

What you have here for your zero entrance fee is a 3D endless runner with a fairly generic Indiana Jones style “running away from angry tribesmen” theme. You use swipes to jump over or slide under obstacles, as well as changing direction at hazardous junctions. In every run you can collect the ubiquitous gold coins which can be used in the store to buy permanent upgrades and consumable boosters, and unlock other running characters.

The left/right junctions add a nice bit of variation to the running and also introduce a bit of additional peril, sending you hurtling to your doom if you don’t swipe in time to make the turn.

That's a corner coming up just after that gap in the path...

The permanent upgrades can each be increased several times, giving improvements to the collectable power-ups in the game and reducing the distance before the collected coin value increases.

There are also lots of mini objectives to achieve, which adds even more replay value to an already very addictive “one more go” game.

Of course, I can’t tell you whether this is the best free iPhone game or not. That’s an infinitely impossible question with more free games appearing every day on the app store. In a straight comparison with other endless runners, Temple Run does score very high and I’d say it’s a definite recommendation for any fans of that genre.

And … it’s a universal app, so you can play it on your iPad too.

iTunes link


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