Islands of Diamonds preview (iPhone / iPad)

March 1, 2012

Remember Marble Madness? The creators of Islands of Diamonds certainly do. Scheduled for a single Universal (iPhone + iPad) release on Monday 12th March (99c / 69p), I’ve been playing the full retail release and having enough fun with the game to make me want to tell the whole world about it. Well, the two people who occasionally visit this site by accident anyway.

Using touch (very good) or tilt (very scary) controls, you guide a ‘perfectly round coconut’ around a series of pretty but tortuous ramp-n-trap style levels, collecting gems. The screen image above is zoomed out in pause mode to show the whole level. This is what the game looks like while you’re playing…

The game works very well, although I had some issues with foreground structures occasionally blocking my view of the coconut, and the tilt control method is just insanely difficult.

Each level has its own list of achievements. Playing a level at least 3 times is necessary in order to get the 3 difficulty level achievements, but the other achievements can be earned in any difficulty level. As well as acting as a kind of forced replayability device (and a good one at that), getting you to replay levels is a good way of improving your control of the coconut.

Look out for a release day review of Islands of Diamonds on Arcadelife.

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