iBomber Defense Pacific review (iOS / Universal)

March 6, 2012

“When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score”

10 word description: Military (WW2) themed tower defence. Upgrades, perks, 3 difficulty levels.

10 word review: Impressively engrossing and spectacular TD. War is so much fun!

You will like this if you enjoy: Tower defence games. (I’m not going to lie to you – no matter how excellent and fun it is, if you hate tower defence games, another one isn’t going to change your mind).

The good news: It isn’t frustrating! Incredible, I know, but this is possibly even more fun than Kingdom Rush, my previous favourite iOS TD game. Graphics and effects are very, very good. Sound, too, is really rather excellent. Great mixture of land, sea and air attacks, often mixed up on the same map. Cool weapons and upgrades; good perk system with choices that can be altered for every map. You can play the game as much as you like on ‘Easy’ and then swap to ‘Veteran’ once you’re earned a couple of perks, go back and slaughter the early levels with your new skills – that’s not cheating, that’s called having fun with a video game.

The bad news: Oh, I don’t know, not a lot. At times, I genuinely felt a bit uneasy watching my flamethrowers spraying molten death into the lines of slowly marching enemy troops, but maybe that’s a good sign that I’m still not utterly desensitised after playing video games pretty much every day since 1980.

The horror...

Arcadelife verdict: Yes, it’s “another TD game”, but it’s an excellent one. The real victory here isn’t the almost perfect blend of fantastic graphics, spectacular effects and immensely satisfying weapons, but the way the game has been carefully structured to avoid player frustration and any feeling that the maps and units are weighted in either side’s favour. Experimentation can occasionally lead to disaster, but there’s a rewind button (with a 3 wave cooldown) that can be used if one of your monumental strategic cock-ups completely messes up your chances of a perfect base defence run or completing a tricky secondary objective.

The more I play it, the more I find to enjoy in this game. I got a long way through on ‘Easy’ (purely for review purposes, honest), then I went back and started the missions on ‘Veteran’ (the hardest setting). I was surprised when I wasn’t totally annihilated by stupidly powerful enemy units, but that’s because there aren’t any stupidly powerful enemy units! Subtle tactical options, such as placing comms towers near other defences to improve their effectiveness, add a lot to the gameplay; allowing victory points to be reallocated any time you replay a previous mission is another example of the player friendly nature of the game.

Overall, an excellent, epic TD game that no genre fan should miss out on. I know I said that it wouldn’t change your mind if you really hate TD games, but maybe you should give it a try anyway; it could be the one to do it…

Arcadelife rating

Visuals – 9.5/10
Audio – 9/10
Controls – 9.5/10
Content – 9/10
Fun – 9/10
Final rating – 92/100

Rating categories explained here.
Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.0
iTunes link

Chillingo / iBomber Defense Pacific website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 5.0.1)
iPad (OS 5.0.1)

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